Welcome to Orthoexperts.co.uk ... the Home of Clear, Concise and Professional Orthopaedic Medico Legal Reports, delivered in a Timely Fashion and in a Personable Manner

More specifically, welcome to the medico legal practice of Mr Roger Wade - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Highly Experienced Medical Expert Witness...

Orthoexperts is a thriving medico legal practice, built on the simple methodology that Quality Orthopaedic Reports, can be delivered in a timely fashion (usually 10 Working Days), and with an efficient support team, appointments can be offered and not repeatedly re-scheduled  - in essence the culture is one of Customer Service.

Put another way,  what is the point in receiving a quality report, if it takes 6 months to arrive and involves re-scheduling appointments and constant chase ups from your administrative team - we are in the business of delivering Quality Orthopaedic Reports, not causing headaches.

Our clients find that it is our clinical and Medico legal experience that is fundamental to
delivering  high orthopaedic quality reports  and it is our commitment to providing a robust, client centric service that makes all the difference to the patients, instructing parties and other parties involved in the case.

Embracing technology has been a key component, contributing towards the continued success of the practice - helping to provide a better service with a rapid response to urgent issues. Orthopaedic Experts understand that most things just need clarification in particular recovery rates, predisposition to injury and therefore acceleration or exacerbation of medical conditions.

Our terms of business are fairly simple, but can be discussed if necessary prior to instruction.  Fixed appointments can be provided for instructing parties if necessary and most instructions will be given an appointment within two months but urgent appointments will be accommodated.

To Make an Instruction Email us orthomedicolegal@gmail.com Now or Click Here.

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