Examination Information

There is a clear requirement for the Medical Report to be independent and unbiased.

Mr Wade, as an experienced Orthopaedic Specialist and Expert Witness will have seen many cases just like yours over the many years in practice and will therefore have the specialist knowledge required to understand the type of injuries you have suffered - providing  clear and concise medical evidence in a timely fashion.

The examination time will vary according to the nature of your injuries, but usually takes 30 minutes, and you are more than welcome to bring a friend or relative along with you to the appointment.

The aim of the medical report is to provide an independent medical assessment to the court to support a claim for personal injury compensation (In a significant number of cases a claim is settled on the basis of the medical report alone, before it reaches court).

To help understand how you have been affected by your injuries you will be asked details surrounding the circumstances of your accident and the treatment that you have received for your injuries to date:

  • if you have had to take time off work and how your injuries have affected your day to day life
  • details of how you are recovering
  • if you have kept a pain diary (please bring this with you)
  • how you feel now and if you are still suffering any effects from your accident.

A key element of the report will relate to Mr Wade's opinion relating to the long-term effect of the injuries. For this to be assessed properly, your solicitor or Insurance Company may not obtain a medical report for up to six months (or longer) after your accident, so your recovery can be monitored and any lasting or permanent pain, disability or inability to work can be properly accounted for in the amount of compensation awarded.

In order to get a clear understanding of the extent of your injuries, it is necessary to have access to medical notes from your doctor and any other specialists that have treated you, such as an accident and emergency consultant in hospital.  As previously stated, it will also help if you have kept a diary of your injuries and the progress of your recovery.

We are often asked about the logistical issues surrounding an appointment...

Travelling Expenses

Your solicitor may be able to recover your travelling expenses from the party who was responsible for your injuries, if your claim is successful. You should therefore keep all receipts for taxi fares, parking, bus or train fares and forward them to your solicitor

What if I have to take time off work?

If your employer will not pay you for taking time off work to attend the medical examination, your solicitor may be able to recover any loss of earnings from the party who was responsible for your injuries.

Am I able to see the report?

A copy of the report will be given to you by your solicitor. You will have the opportunity to comment on the report and your solicitor may send these comments to Mr Wade for consideration and comment.

What if I can't attend the appointment?

When you receive the appointment details, please sign the Confirmation of Attendance and send it back to the clinic immediately. If you are unable to make the appointment  it is important that you contact the clinic immediately so that we can make an alternative arrangement.

Mr Wade will be seeing you privately and a charge will therefore be made for failing to attend without giving adequate notice or cancellation at short notice. The cancellation fee ranges between £50 and £200.  Therefore, if following your confirmation of attendance you are unable to attend please contact the clinic immediately.


It is always advisable to attend the appointment with some form of photographic identification like a driving license, passport or ID card if you have one.

Mr Wade and the team are professional, empathic and approachable... Should you have any questions or concerns prior to your medical examination, please call 07393 710572

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