Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1 The following terms and conditions shall apply to the provision of medical reports and medical witness work by Roger Wade.

1.2 These terms supersede previous versions.

2. Charges

2.1 The charges for preparing a report will be based on complexity and the length of the report. Personal injury reports fees will vary between £250 and £800 plus VAT dependent on the complexity of the report and number of records. Negligence reports fees will vary between £1500 and £3000 plus VAT dependent on complexity. The exact fee will be determined prior to instruction and agreed on the letter of instruction.
2.2 If the client fails to attend an appointment there may be a charge levied in the order of £100.

2.3 An hourly rate of £300 will apply to all other work other than preparation of the report. Addendum and supplementary reports on average £150 to £300 Part 35 questions on average £150 to £450 Joint statement including prep time average £600 to £900 Conference time including preparation time £300 to £450

2.4 If the Instructing Solicitors cancel their request for a medical report before completion, the Medical Witness shall be entitled to charge Instructing Solicitors an appropriate fee reflecting work and administrative time to the date of cancellation.

2.5 If required to attend a conference in chambers then the charge will be £3000 per day. This covers preparation time and travelling within a reasonable distance.

2.6 Where the Medical Witness makes himself available to give evidence in Court and, subsequently, due to an out-of-Court settlement or for any other reason, is no longer required to appear on the date originally specified, the Medical Witness shall be entitled to charge a percentage of the original fee agreed for appearing in Court (the "original fee" meaning the agreed daily rate multiplied by the number of days at Court for which the Medical Witness makes himself available) depending on the number of working days' notice of cancellation by Instructing Solicitors as follows: Cancelled between eight and two weeks of trail date 50% Cancelled between four weeks and two weeks of trial date 75% Cancelled within two weeks of the trial full fee payable

2.8 The amount due to the Medical Witness shall not be subject to reduction as a result of a detailed assessment or Court imposed limitation. It shall be the sole responsibility of Instructing Solicitors:-

3. Payment

3.1 Instructing Solicitors shall pay all sums due within 90 days of the date of the invoice although different terms can be agreed prior to the instruction. If Instructing Solicitors are late in payment interest at three per cent per annum above the base rate will automatically be added to the sum due. The Medical Witness reserves the right at all times to require advance payment for the written report(s) prior to supplying the report(s) to Instructing Solicitors.

4. Indemnity

It shall be the duty of Instructing Solicitors, so far as is possible:

4.1 When requested by the Medical Witness to obtain and provide to the Medical Witness all relevant medical records including x-rays. This should include all passwords required to open electronic files and these should be supplied in a standard format which are easily readable.

4.2 To give adequate instructions to the Medical Witness;

4.3 To check that the factual matters covered in the Medical Witness' report(s) and replies to any pre-trial questions are correct, appropriate and complete.

5. Single Joint Expert

5.1 If the Medical Witness is instructed by two or more Instructing Solicitors the above terms and conditions shall apply subject to contrary agreement between the Instructing Solicitors and the Medical Witness. Each of the Instructing Solicitors will be jointly liable for all of the Medical Witness' fees and expenses.

6. Compliant with GPDR

6.1 The instructing party and expert will ensure GDPR compliance of record transfer and storage.

6.2. All records and radiology disc s will be destroyed within 6 months of report being completed unless the instructing party require them to be returned. This requirement must be included in the original instruction and the cost of returning the discs can be claimed by the expert.

Areas Covered: Cheshire | Merseyside | North Wales | Shropshire | Staffordshire  | Wirral | Chester | Crewe | Liverpool | Nantwich |  Stafford | Stoke-on-Trent | Wrexham